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See Why A Korean Skincare Routine Is Absolutely Wonderful

Heard about the Korean Skincare Routine?😍


Have you been living under a rock? 😶 Well, its time you come out from under there. Yes, you 😛

Alrighty, so let me introduce you to the amazing Korean skincare routine. You ready? Grab a cup of tea and keep reading to know more!💋


Let's go! 👌😄

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What's This 'Korean Skincare Routine' About?

Since You've been living under a rock, I think I'll have to explain to you what this is all about. Well, the Korean Skincare Routine is an exhaustive multi-step routine that Koreans follow. But its all an exaggeration of the three-step routine that you fail at following---Cleansing, Exfoliating and Treating!😉

Koreans start with this in their teenage years, and that's the secret to their flawless skin! If you're a teenager then you should probably start this right now and your skin will thank you later!

Wait, what? That's just it? No. 🙈

There's more.

If you follow a Korean skincare regimen, you'll get healthy, glowing and beautiful skin that'll feel pampered. Korean skincare routine is usually about 10 steps long. Now you must be thinking I can't even follow a 3 step process, and you expect me to follow a 10 step one!? I was just like you!🙊😅

There's a reason why people all over the world are raving about this regimen! Even though it seems like an exhaustive process it doesn't take very long, and you don't have to follow all the 10 steps everyday! It usually takes me about 20-30 minutes max. 

So, err, what are the 10 miracle steps...

Let's jump in to the next section!💟

The Ten Steps That'll Transform Your Skin!

Are you ready to know all the 10 steps? 

You sure? 

Let's go!👀
korean skin care, korean skin care routine, skin care regimen, skin care routine, skin regimen, Beauty,

Step 1: Oil Cleanser
You're probably thinking why an oil cleanser? I'll tell you...👻

That's because oil gets drawn out by oil.

You must be thinking why you should care about this, well that's simply because most of the products that we use, like sunscreen, foundation, bb creams, etc. are based on oil. So, an oil cleanser removes all the gunk that your regular cleanser can't!😇

Watch this video to know more!

Step 2: Water-based Cleanser

After the oil cleansing method, this is 'double trouble' for all that gunk and bacteria on your face!💪😉

Using a water-based cleanser helps remove whatever residue the oil left behind and all the other remaining impurities so that your skin is squeaky clean!

Say bye-bye to acne, clogged pores and blackheads!😈

What I useThe Faceshop Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Water, 145ml💕

Step 3: Exfoliator

Exfoliation helps you get rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin so that your skin always looks polished, soft and supple!

You can use scrubs, wash-cloths or exfoliation packs that have become a massive trend in Korea.

Oh, and if you're someone who is struggling with acne or with acne scars then you should never skip this step. Ever. 👍

Watch this video for more details!!

Oh, and you should exfoliate twice a week if you have normal skin. If you're suffering form a break out, exfoliate only once a week until it clears up!

What I use: 😘Innisfree Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub Korean Beauty [Imported]😻

Step 4: Toner

I'm not talking about an astringent or something alcohol based here. The Korean toners are used to balance your skin's pH levels and bridge the gap between cleansing and your actual skincare routine. 

You must be thinking why you need a toner...

It's simple. 

Just think of your skin as a sponge—it’s more difficult to rehydrate it when it’s dried up  than when it’s already a bit damp.🙍

What I got: 💜The Faceshop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner, 145ml💜

Step 5: Essence

Essence is basically the heart of the Korean skincare regimen and its a toner and serum hybrid that hydrates the skin and refines the texture, making it softer and baby-like.

This is an optional step, but I recommend you follow this too. 💖

Also I found this tweet that made me LOL so hard! 

Step 6: Serum

Serums are bae. I'll tell you why..

They are meant for your skin's specific concerns like ageing, hyper pigmentation, et., etc. And are watery in consistency and contain active ingredients that help address your issues! 

So, buy yourself an amazing serum and use it every night before bed!

My Favourite: The Faceshop White Seed Brightening Serum, 50ml💕💓

Step 7: Sheet Mask

I'm judging you if you don't know what a sheet mask is...🙊

Okay, I'm not. 😜

Sheet masks are quite amazing, actually. Its basically a damp paper with magical properties that you put on your face for 15-20 minutes and just relax.

Also, it leaves no mess!

More about sheet masks in the video:

Step 8: Moisturiser

It doesn't matter of you have oily skin or dry, you need to moisturise! 

All you need is a good moisturiser and apply it twice a day on your face and on your neck. DO not skip this step!

Step 9: Eye Cream

Okay, raise your hand is you have been skipping the eye cream!! *raises own hand* 🙋

We all know the importance of the eye cream, but we just don't use it until its too late. Take President Trump as an example! 

Jokes aside, the eye area has the most delicate skin on your face, meaning it will be the first to show ageing. So apply that cream!!

The one I gotThe Faceshop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Eye Cream, 30ml

Last Step: SPF

Protect your skin from the sun in this last step! Always wear sunscreen even if you're staying in. 


Because sun's harmful UV rays get to you one when you're sitting at home. And do you know what they do? 

They cause premature ageing! Also, buy Japanese or Korean sunscreens if you can!😨😩

The one I'm currently loving: KOREAN COSMETICS, Innisfree, Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF50 + PA + + + 50ml (Long lasting, skin care Organic)[001KR]💘💗

That's It Folks!

So that's what Korean skincare routine is all about! Now you can have the 'polished' look Koreans have. If you're a teen, start this routine ASAP!

If you still don't get it, I'll help you out! Hit me up on the comments section!

If you try it out do let me know how your experience was!!😁💜 And if you're living in the US, then I have something special for you! Get 20% off at meme box! Just click this link!!

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